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Mobile Charging Stand/Phone Wall Charging Stand Holder Shelf

299.00 149.00
  • Portable and folding universal stand for 7-10 inch Tablet PC.
  • Using high-quality environmental engineering plastic material, effective to reduce travel weight.
  • Joints using an automatic spacing device, adjust the Angle is not adjust anywhere, can be direct which can adjust the Angle.
  • Double leg is made of high qualified at the bottom of the antiskid foam material, by using two widths, can be flat on the table, also can solve the problem of a tablet can only be placed horizontally cannot be put vertical.
  • This stand can unfold and stand up as trIpod to hold tablet PC at perfect typing angle and better angle of view and better watching effect effect

Multi-Function Sticky Gel Pad Mobile Phone Holder for Kitchen- Cabinets

299.00 179.00
  • Multi-Function Sticky Gel Pad Mobile Phone Holder
  • For office,kitchen,cabinets,wall mobile holder, car kits, car bracket, pods
  • Durable material