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Portable Folding Glass Collapsible Water Bottle Silicone Outdoor Travel Telescopic Retractable Water Cup Glass Bowl With Cover

399.00 249.00
* Food Grade Materials Can be in direct contact with water Made from safe and durable food-grade silicone material Non-toxic harmless, safe and environmentally friendly, please rest assured that use. * Anti-tear Flexibility is good, soft silicone material, not aging, not easy to deformation, easy to fold,can prolonged use. * Easy to clean Smooth surface. Good hydrophobic, oil can not penetrate, non-sticky, with a little detergent easy to wash, rinse with water, easy to clean. * Small volume Expand Size 9.5*8.5*4.5cm Folding Size 9.5*1.5cm Folding thickness of only 1.5cm, easy to carry.